Drink Tank: Cindy Loughridge, Photographer | San Francisco, CA

Welcome to Drink Tank, a week-in-the-life peek of creative drinkers across Instagram. Each week PUNCH follows a photographer, writer, winemaker or bartender from bar to bar to bar.

MONDAY | "The Mission Dolores (rum, amaro, cocoa butter, basil, plum, lime and tonic) from Trick Dog, currently the best bar in SF and a favorite."

TUESDAY | "The Botanica Bee, a recipe from Falcon Spirits Distillery, made with raspberries, Botanica gin, honey-lavender syrup, Meyer lemon and nasturtiums."

WEDNESDAY | "The Cat Call (cava, Cocchi Americano and rhubarb pink peppercorn syrup) from Urban Putt, a place for putt-putt with excellent cocktails and food."

THURSDAY | "Lillet Blanc with sparkling water and a pineapple-mint garnish. After a long day, this is my favorite go-to."

FRIDAY | "This is the Lonsdale, a house TGIF cocktail. It's made with gin, lemon, apple cider, honey syrup and a basil garnish."

Much of Cindy Loughridge’s work is quiet. It’s unassuming, clean and, yet, suffused with an undeniable warmth. There are scenes of stucco walls with a tangle of flowers growing up one side, linen-covered tables piled with tomatoes and a plouche of basil sprouting from one corner of the frame, a lone child running across the horizon in a blurred red polka-dot dress. Through Loughridge’s lens, the world is pure and good.

Loughridge, who lives in San Francisco, found photography later in life while working a nine-to-five job. She first discovered Flickr and then Instagram, and began sharing her work on both while simultaneously shooting on manual and digital film. After a bit of luck on Flickr (one of her photos was scouted for a Wal-Mart campaign) she became a full time lifestyle photographer, shooting everything from weddings to portraits to restaurants and food. Somehow, all of it feels intensely personal, like an intimate gathering of friends or family.

While Loughridge shoots photos for a living, she is constantly documenting her own life—a plant on her windowsill, her daughter doing homework, a Friday evening cocktail. This week, she allowed PUNCH to follow her through the week to the latter, from Trick Dog, a bar in the Mission, to her end-of-week house cocktail, the Lonsdale. And though Loughridge is not pictured in any of these frames, her mark is everywhere.

Follow her on Instagram @cindyloughridge and on Flickr. #drinktank