Drink Tank: Dylan + Jeni, Photographers | Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Drink Tank, a week-in-the-life peek of creative drinkers across Instagram. Each week PUNCH follows a photographer, writer, winemaker or bartender from bar to bar to bar.

instagram drinks photographers dylan and jeni

MONDAY | Right: "Some of the cocktails we offer our guests at our home sweet home (bar)." Left: "The Editor, a drink I'd like to think I concocted, but probably already exists."

instagram drinks photographers dylan and jeni

TUESDAY | Left: "Jeni sipping a beer cocktail on the roof at the Ace Hotel, DTLA." Right: "More damage by the pool."

WEDNESDAY | "Cocktails at Cliff's Edge. Matthew Biancaniello has a pop-up each Wednesday where he features beautiful, farmer's market/foraged ingredients."

instagram drinks photographers dylan and jeni

THURSDAY | Left: "Celebrating our friend Whitney Adams' '21st' birthday at Silver lake's Bar Stella." Right: "The Aperol Spritz at Bar Stella."

instagram drinks photographers dylan and jeni

FRIDAY | Right: "In addition to Aperol/Campari-focused drinks, Terroni has an amazing Italian wine list." Left: "An Aperol Betty in Terroni's snazzy Italian glassware."

Instagram can be deceiving. Given enough tiny squares in which to showcase one’s life, anybody can make the world as rose-colored/hilarious/glamorous as they’d like. In some cases, it happens to be real.

Through the lens of Los Angeles photographer duo Dylan + Jeni’s Instagram, the world is a dizzying slideshow of DTLA restaurants, mozzarella-stretching, Baked Alaska and slushy cocktails. A couple of nearly a decade, the two are constantly tripping between continents shooting cafés in Paris, streetscapes in Mexico and courtyards in Morocco. Their photos are a combination of immediate pleasure (ice cream cones, breakfast chilaquiles, Aperol Spritzes) and stark, yet dreamy interiors. And it’s all very true to their everyday lives. Not a week goes by that they’re not out documenting kitchens or drinking on rooftops—work is play and play is work.

We followed them for a week from their home bar in Silver Lake where they serve blackboard house cocktails and make their own homemade juice Detox/Intox drinks (see bonus recipe below) to Downtown LA’s Ace Hotel, where they regularly drink slushy cocktails on the roof.

Follow them together on Instagram @dylanandjeni and separately @dylanjho and @jeniafuso. See work they’ve done for PUNCH here and here and here. #drinktank