Drink These Cocktails in Your (Long) Underwear

Five bone-warming cocktails for your December pleasure.

Flannel Shirt

A fleecy, Scotch bone warmer. Recipe this way.

Perfect Manhattan

The classic mixed with sweet and dry vermouth. Recipe this way.

Polar Bear

A cool and smoky play on the Martini. Recipe this way.

Sherry Flip

The cold-weather fortifier for delicate people. Recipe this way.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean every cocktail from now until April has to be mulled or toddied. Booze is inherently bone warming, and one can only drink so many possets before sugar ossification creeps in.

Behold, five drinks that make us want to slip into some long underwear.

What does that mean? It means Perfect Manhattans—drier and spicier than the original—with sweet and dry vermouth, plus extra brandied cherries for strength. Or oysters and the unlikely, but curiously delicious mix of Guinness and champagne. In the morning we whip a whole egg into sherry, top it with nutmeg and call it breakfast. This is winter. We do what we need to do to survive. In the damp Northwest, it’s Scotch season and Jeff Morganthaler was kind enough to offer us his Flannel Shirt, a mix of Scotch, apple cider, and Allspice Dram. And while it may be summer in San Francisco right now, our pals at Trick Dog have, in solidarity, fashioned a cool, smoky (and boozy) riff on the Martini.

What do these all have in common? Booze. Lots of it. You’re welcome.