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It’s Tiki, But Easier

Meet your new summer companion: a collection of 60 classic and modern tropical cocktails retooled for at-home ease.

At a time when headlines seem to offer nothing but an onslaught of disheartening information, the purposefully escapist nature of tiki, with its flamboyant style and transportive flavors, offers the kind of tropical vision-questing we could all use right now. But despite the genre’s unparalleled ability to channel easy living, the drinks are anything but easy to make. Going on a scavenger hunt for the 11 ingredients necessary to make a Zombie isn’t exactly relaxing.

Enter Easy Tiki. It’s tiki, but easier. Throughout the new book by PUNCH senior editor Chloe Frechette, the world’s top tropically-minded bartenders demonstrate how to get the same quintessential character and complexity from tiki cocktails in far fewer ingredients. Across the 60 recipes—20 classic and 40 modern—none require more than six ingredients. Syrup formulas have likewise been simplified and standardized throughout, bringing tiki back within the home bartender’s reach. 

Naturally, information on the best rums to use, how to build the home tiki bar and tips for styling each cocktail with the appropriate flair can all be found within its pages, too, alongside the ever-important skill of batching for a crowd. 

Grab your copy of Easy Tiki wherever books are sold online, mix yourself a minimalist Mai Tai and daydream your way to summer.