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Five Cocktails From Fall’s Hottest New Bars

From a revamped Moscow Mule to a modern ode to the Brandy Crusta, here are five cocktails from the season's most exciting new or forthcoming bars.

bar beau cocktail recipe

The change in seasons always brings with it an abundance of noteworthy openings from coast to coast. With a mix of new spaces and concepts from industry veterans and rookie owners alike, this year is no exception. Echoing a trend seen at New York’s Existing Conditions—in which understated drinks conceal the hard work that went into their creation—unassuming cocktails, like the Moscow Mule and the Singapore Sling, are appearing on menus, with their unique preparations taking place behind the scenes.

Whether reviving a historic landmark, like New Orleans’ Jewel of the South, or launching a first solo project, like Claire Sprouse’s Hunky Dory, restraint seems to be the reigning principal this season. To get a sense of what’s to come, here’s The Streamliner’s Moscow Mule, the Singapore Sling from Bon Voyage!, Bar Beau’s (And Her Name Was) Cassandra, Hunky Dory’s Alligator Arms and Second Line Season from the Jewel of the South. 

Five Cocktails from America’s Hottest New Bars

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