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Five Cocktails from Spring’s Hottest New Bars

From a French-inflected Collins to a thoroughly modern highball, here are five cocktails from the season's most exciting new or forthcoming bars.

This season brings with it a slew of notable new openings across the country, with fresh concepts from industry leaders like Julia Momose and Brian Miller, alongside new locations of already beloved watering holes. Having received distinguished status in their home cities, bars like Death & Co., Employee’s Only and Broken Shaker are opening new outposts, some for the first time and others as the next step in their growing empires. Just as impressive as the names behind these openings are the cocktails that come with them. To get a sense of what’s to come, here’s Julia Momose’s Highball, Manolito’s Daiquiri Menta, Pablo Moix’s Prince Henry Punch, Raised by Wolves’ Hideaway Honey and Frenchette’s Eponine Collins.

Five Cocktails from America's Hottest New Bars

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