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Five Cocktails From Spring’s Hottest New Bars

From a basil spritz to a Chartreuse daisy, here are five cocktails from the season's most notable new or forthcoming bars.

New Spring Bar Cocktail Recipe

The change in seasons always brings with it a host of noteworthy openings across the country—and with new bars come new cocktails. This season, the formality that has long been a hallmark of “serious” cocktail dens only continues to loosen, making way for the growing crop of neighborhood bars where a relaxed atmosphere prevails, but not at the expense of crave-able cocktails. As in seasons past, the axis tilts back towards the classics, with subtle twists that make a big impact. To take a look at what’s forecasted for this season, here’s 5 & Dime’s Low Key, a Chartreuse Daisy from Squable, Lazy Bird’s Hemingway Daiquiri, a Basil Spritz from Bar Hitchcock, and the Rosita riff from The Franklin.

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