Five Easy Frozen Drinks

These easy frozen drinks run the gamut, from a frozen Sherry Cobbler to a dead-simple take on frosé.

Show Me State: A frozen riff on the Jungle Bird. [Recipe] | Photo: Daniel Krieger

Frozen Sherry Cobbler: The classic gets slushed. [Recipe] | Photo: Lizzie Munro

Daiquiri No. 3: A blended version of the Hemingway. [Recipe] | Photo: Lizzie Munro

Peach Me How to Dougie: A simple combination of peach, bourbon and lemon. [Recipe] | Photo: Lizzie Munro

Frosé, Y'all: The easiest ever frosé. [Recipe] | Photo: Lizzie Munro

Having shaken their reputation as Technicolor tokens of downmarket cocktail bars, frozen drinks have proudly reclaimed their position as the surest path to summer refreshment. What’s more, these drinks are often among the simplest to make, whether they be fresh takes on timeless classics, or thoroughly modern concoctions in their own right.

Following in the footsteps of the Piña Colada, which was given the frozen treatment in the 1950s, and the Margarita, which got slushed in the ‘70s, the Sherry Cobbler is the latest drink to be tossed in the blender, thanks to Extra Fancy’s Rob Kreuger. His three-ingredient version hews close to the simplicity of the original, but replaces the traditional garnish—fresh berries and mint—with a brandied cherry and an orange half wheel. Likewise, Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s take on the Hemingway Daiquiri, the Daiquiri No. 3, retains the same ingredients as its shaken counterpart (rum, maraschino, grapefruit and lime) but is tossed in a blender for a play on the traditional frappéed presentation.

Then, there is Robert Sache’s Show Me State, a drink that began as a riff on the Jungle Bird—but soon transformed into something new entirely. Citrus-driven and smoky thanks to a base of Curaçao and mezcal, it’s an otherwise dead-simple drink, built on orange juice, lime and sweetener.

No stranger to frozen drinks, T.J. Lynch of Mother’s Ruin opts for no playbook at all in the creation of his playfully named Peach Me How to Dougie, a blended mix of bourbon, lemon, honey syrup and fresh peach. Even simpler still, New Orleans’ Kelly Fields of Willa Jean transforms summer’s trendiest drink into slushy form. Her Frosé Y’all, a mixture of rosé, simple syrup and ice, blended until smooth, is also the most straightforward rendition of the pink stuff we’ve seen—no to mention a testament to the wonders of the blender.