Five of the World’s Craziest Bloody Marys

Amidst the Bloody Mary arms race, a few drinks have stood out for their sheer shock value. Christopher Ross offers stats on five of the most outlandish Bloody Marys money can buy.

Cartoonishly garnished Bloody Marys are pretty commonplace these days, but some places truly take it to the next level. These five Bloody Marys have become legendary for their ability to surprise and shock even the most depraved drinkers and brunchers with a carnival’s worth of toppings or some supremely strange ingredients.

Chicken Fried Bloody MarySobelman’s | Milwaukee, WI
Competitors are struggling to top this creation from the bar that started the garnish war in the first place. The Chicken Fried Bloody Beast (which was created in part to help donate money to charity) includes Brussels sprouts, sausage, shrimp, olives, mushrooms, onion, pickle, cheese, scallions, tomatoes, asparagus, celery, lemon, bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheeseballs and one whole fried chicken.


O’Davey’s Pub & Restaurant | Fond du Lac, WIODaveys Pub Brewers Bloody Mary
Although they’ve since gotten out of the Bloody Mary game, O’Davey’s was for a time home to some of the wildest creations in the country, churning out new, ever-crazier versions each month. Point in case: the Milwaukee Brewers Bloody Mary, a shout-out to nearby Brewers fans, included bacon, crackers, tomato juice, tortilla chips, sausages, string cheese, cheese curds, crackers, popcorn, peanuts, pickles, beans, sliders, pretzels and a Brewers pennant.


Score on Davie Bloody MaryScore on Davie | Vancouver, BC
Bloody Caesars (Bloody Marys made with Clamato) are a local delicacy in Canada. The Checkmate Caesar from Score on Davie in Vancouver proves Canucks are just as out of their minds as Americans when it comes to escalating the garnish game. It comes with a pulled-pork slider, a hamburger, a whole roasted chicken, chicken wings, a hot dog, onion rings and a brownie with whipped cream.


Star Bar | Austin, TXStar Bar Austin Texas Bloody Mary
While there’s often some kind of method to the madness of outrageous Bloody Marys—a theme or common genre—Austin’s Star Bar puts out a Hail Mary, whose toppings seem to have fallen on at random from the bottom of a grocery bag: pickled okra, cheese, pepperoni, chicken nuggets, deviled eggs, a hot dog, crab meat, cherry tomatoes, a slider, bacon, shrimp, onion rings and a cinnamon roll.

The Cove Chubby Bloody Mary

The Cove
| Leland, MI

What this version lacks in size it makes up for in eccentricity: Michigan’s The Cove (located in Leland’s historic Fishtown neighborhood) sticks a smoked whole chub in their Bloody Mary (called a Chubby Mary), along with lemon and lime wedges, pickle spears and pimento-stuffed olives.