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Frosé Is Dead, Long Live Frojolais

The next generation of frozen wine cocktails is here.

The drink world’s frozen wine fixation might’ve started with frosé, but that’s not to say it can’t touch on other corners of the wine rainbow

Take friesling (frozen riesling) for example, which surfaced last year in cheeky response to the growing ubiquity of its slushy, pink predecessor. As a mixer, the riesling base holds up well to any number of additions, from peach-infused vodka in a pared-down rendition, to chamomile honey in the Sommer Schatzi, or even pear brandy and sweet vermouth in the cinnamon-spiced Canary Nest.

Here at PUNCH HQ, we’ve grown the category even further with Francerre and Frojolais. The former—frozen Sancerre—homes in on the wine’s oft-cited green note with the addition of St. George Spirits’ Green Chile Vodka and lime juice, while the latter—frozen Beaujolais—amplifies the easygoing fruitiness of village-level Beaujolais with raspberry gomme syrup; bitter Campari adds dimension while lemon juice keeps the acid in balance.

Elsewhere, bartenders have moved well beyond the expected white wine base. Natasha David’s Arctic Wine Cooler, for example, builds on orange wine for a hint of funkiness, which she complements with Grand Marnier, apricot liqueur and orange juice for a thoroughly modern take on frozen sangria. Claire Sprouse, on the other hand, calls on Lambrusco in her Mango-Ango-Lambro, a low-proof interpretation of a New Orleans-style frozen mango Daiquiri.

Here’s hoping Frosecco is next.

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