House Cocktail Hack: Spring Edition

Welcome to "House Cocktail Hack," a seasonal series that challenges bartenders to make the most of a home bar's limited resources. Up first, Greg Best, Pamela Wiznitzer and Matt Piacentini make five house cocktails using only our very limited shopping list.

purity of the turf gin cocktail matt piacentini house cocktail hack spring

Purity of the Turf | Matt Piacentini, New York City [Recipe]

Quit That Racquet (Long) | Greg Best, Atlanta [Recipe]

quit that racquet cocktail greg best house drink hack spring

Quit That Racquet (Up) | Greg Best, Atlanta [Recipe]

Hole in the Fence | Matt Piacentini, New York City [Recipe]

high line fizz cocktai lpamela wiznitzer house drink hack spring

High Line Fizz | Pamela Wiznitzer, New York City [Recipe]

fast rigging cocktail house drink hack greg best

Fast Rigging | Greg Best, Atlanta [Recipe]

It’s the home bartender’s curse: Buy some esoteric new spirit to try out the latest cocktail recipe, then helplessly watch it gather dust because you don’t know what else to do with it. Pro bars have the real estate to give those one-off bottles a home, and the time to experiment with them—plus the resources to send failed experiments down the drain with a clear conscience. Not so easy for the rest of us.

Enter House Cocktail Hack. Every season, we’ll challenge some of our favorite bartenders to get creative with just two spirits, three modifiers (think vermouth, amaro, etc.) and two easy-to-make simple syrups. The result: Five (or more) house cocktails to add to your repertoire for the season.

To make it even easier, we’ve teamed up with our buds at Merchants of Beverage to skip the liquor store altogether. They’ve bundled each season’s shopping list into one handy package—a hack sent straight to your doorstep. (Buy the full Drink Hack kit here.)

This season, Atlanta’s Greg Best and New York City’s Pamela Wiznitzer (Seamstress) and Matt Piacentini (The Up & Up), tackle our basic shopping list to come up with an easygoing spring cocktail menu.

The Spring Shopping List:

Beefeater gin
Brugal white rum
Pierre Ferrand dry curacao
Cocchi Americano
Dolin dry vermouth
Rhubarb syrup [Recipe]
Lemon syrup [Recipe]

Additional items to have on hand: 
Angostura Bitters
Orange Bitters