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How Much Do You Really Know About Cocktails?

September 21, 2020

Story: Punch Staff

photo: Aaron Bernstein

We’ve got 200 questions to help you answer that one.

What year did the word “mixologist” first appear in print? What is the name for a cocktail served at room temperature? Which liquor brand inspired Cardi-B’s stage name? Which Seattle bar popularized the Prohibition-era Last Word in the 2000s?

If you like cocktails and you like trivia, allow us to introduce you to Another Round, which joins Mini Bar as our latest, almost-pocket-sized addition to your drink library. The box-set comes stuffed with 200 multiple-question trivia questions split between four categories (Pop Culture, Recipes & Techniques, Travel, History & Lore), alongside 10 cocktail recipes and a handy booklet with tips and tricks on how to play.

As the temperature drops and we take or drinks inside, we could also use a distraction—and a little healthy competition. Let us help you with that. Another Round ($20) is available in stores nationwide, and online.