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How to Bottle and Freeze Cocktails at Home

Why batched and frozen Martinis and Manhattans should be in every home bartender's arsenal.

The practice of pre-batching and freezing entire drinks is popping up at bars from London to New York. Following the lead of the likes of Brooklyn’s Sauvage and Bar Termini in London, we at PUNCH have taken to batching and freezing bottled cocktails ahead of time, to have multiple cocktails ready to pour for parties or last-minute guests.

Not only does it take the jiggering and stirring out of making drinks for a crowd, freezing ahead makes for an incomparably unctuous texture that’s especially well-suited for Martinis (as prepared at New York’s Four Seasons Bar), though the bottled and frozen Manhattan has become a house favorite.

Here, a quick tutorial on how to bottle and freeze cocktails at home.

Video by Saint Hereford & Lizzie Munro. 

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