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Join Us for Spirit Forward 2019

We've partnered with Bacardi Women in Leadership for a series dedicated to exploring the theme of "originality" with some of today's most inspiring leaders.

When Sheryl Sandberg predicted, “In the future there will be no women leaders. There will just be leaders,” she was foreshadowing an important change in the conversation about equality, and the notion of “women’s empowerment.” Our goal for Spirit Forward 2019 is to lean into that reality.

Established by Bacardi Women in Leadership in partnership with PUNCH, the second Annual Spirit Forward event series is dedicated to celebrating leaders and entrepreneurs, with a focus on the hospitality industry.

This year, we’re homing in on the theme of “Originality.” We’ve gathered a group of forward-thinking women in all areas of hospitality, as well as the beauty, fitness, finance and entertainment industries, to discuss what originality and creativity mean to them. Their diverse perspectives are meant to show, rather than tell, what it takes to be a leader today.

Tickets and more information HERE.

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Featured Talent

Cyndie Spiegel | Women’s Culture Consultant, Author & Community Organizer
Missy Robbins | Chef/Owner, Lilia, MISI
Ariel Neal | Co-Founders, Causing A Stir
Alison Roman | Author, Dining In; Columnist, New York Times
Amanda Smeltz | Wine Director, Matter House
Ariel Arce | Owner, Tokyo Record Bar, Air’s Champagne Parlor, Niche Niche
Ashtin Berry | Educator and Activist
Jordyn Lexton | Founder, Drive Change
Carley Gaskin | Owner, 201 Hospitality
Talia Baiocchi | Founder/Editor in Chief, PUNCH
Helen Johannesen | Owner, Helen’s Wines
Julia Kramer | Deputy Editor, Bon Appétit
Krista Scruggs | Winemaker, ZAFA Wines
Lindsay Perez | Financial Trainer, The Financial Gym
Yael Vengroff | Beverage Director, The Spare Room
Krissy Jones | Co-Founder, SkyTing Yoga
Lizzie Munro | Art Director, PUNCH
Reem Assil | Chef, Dyafa
Shelby Allison and Caitlin Laman | Co-founders, Chicago Style
Siobhan Tuck | Comedian and Host