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Our Favorite Bubbly Cocktail Recipes by Style

There's no such thing as a bad time for Champagne. Here, a selection of our favorite sparkling cocktails—from holiday-ready bubbly punches to a gang of anytime spritzes.

Champagne Cocktail Recipe

“Pour some Champagne on it” is a truly pan-seasonal phrase. Just as welcome in spring and summer (when a classic spritz is a more-than-agreeable addition to an aperitivo spread) as in winter (when the holidays practically demand a royale), the canon of sparkling cocktails is a broad and easy category to drink through.

Here, in no particular order, is a collection of our favorite recipes, well-suited to any occasion, whether you’re on the hunt for a crowd-pleasing Champagne punch, a low-proof sparkler or a little something to sip solo. From the classic Kir Royale to the French 75 to a tiki-fied hibiscus punch, it’s nothing but bubbles from here on out.

Make It for a Crowd

Dale DeGroff’s Classic Champagne Punch
Rainbow Room to your living room.

French 75 Punch
The Parisian classic goes big.

Plum Royale
A plum-inflected twist on the Kir.

Parlour Room Punch
Yes way, sparkling rosé.

Red Rooster Punch
A raspberry-spiked twist on the Regent Punch.

“Hot” Apple Punch
Spice up your life.

Hibiscus Punch Royale
Rum Punch gets spritzed.

So Long, Sweet Summer
Like Christmas in July.

Daniel Webster’s Punch
A boozy, 19th-century original.

Ajax Punch
All of the watermelon.

Make It a Classic

French 75
A gin-spiked classic.

Death in the Afternoon

Champagne Cocktail
Swap whiskey for bubbles.

Kir Royale
Pass the cassis.

Champagne Cobbler
Ornamented, tastefully.

Black Velvet
Champagne and Guinness FTW.

Champagne Julep
The Mint Julep‘s bubbly half-sister.

A Caribbeanized French 75.

Make It a Low-ABV Spritz

Negroni Sbagliato
The Negroni’s bubbly cousin.

White Negroni Sbagliato
A modern riff on a happy mistake.

Aperol Spritz
The Venetian classic.

Punch House Spritz
Grapefruit, meet Lambrusco.

Blood Moon
Joe Campanale’s ode to aperitivo.

Damiana Spritz
Pass the herb.

The Italian classic goes effervescent.

Rivington Punch
Rosé all day.

Powered by Campari.

Sanguinello Spritz
A wintry adaptation.

Safe Passage
Briny and bitter.

La Quebrada Spritz
Mezcal, baby.

Viva Alberti
Herbal and savory.

The Edsel
A spiced riff on the Negroni Sbagilato.

Byrrh It’s Cold Outside
Sherry-spiked and fall-ready.

Suppressor #M
Made in Madeira.

Suppressor #7
Pommeau packs a little punch.

Spritz Cousins

The St-Germain Cocktail
Drink French.

Treasure Chest
Chai hard.

Make It Almost Classic

Corenwyn Clipper
A malty twist on a Gin Fizz.

Niesen Buzz Bomb
The Long Island Ice Tea’s slightly prickly cousin.

Saffron Chase
A 21st-century French 75.

A bubbly ode to the Manhattan.

That’s Probably Him
Bubbles and apricot, with a gin Martini back.

Royal Pimms Cup
Pimms, royaled.

Make It a Wildcard

Gargoyle and Spire
Strega me this.

American Royal Zephyr
Bitter and bourbon-heavy.

Moloko Plus
Like Clockwork (Orange).

The Dutch Nemesis
Genever with a side of tiki.

In The Pines
Bracing and pine-scented.

The Long Hello
Autumnal AF.

Adam and Eve
Apples to apples (to apples).

Cognac and verjus with a little lift.

Ambrosia #2
Straight outta Jerez.

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