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Our Most-Read Stories of 2021

December 22, 2021

Story: Punch Staff

photo: Lizzie Munro


Our Most-Read Stories of 2021

December 22, 2021

Story: Punch Staff

photo: Lizzie Munro

The Negroni's little secret, how the Death Flip became a modern classic, the life and times of the "dare shot" and more.

Each passing year always seems more eventful than the last, but that’s especially true for 2021.

In a tumultuous 12 months of ups and downs, we found solace where we always do—diving deeper into the ever evolving world of cocktails, spirits, wine and nightlife. We learned the untold story of the Negroni’s secret past, chronicled the life and times of the dare shot and learned how to tailor the gintónica, or Spanish G&T, to one’s own preferences. And, not immune to Espresso Martini mania, we considered all the ways to turn the modern classic extra modern. As the year comes to a close, here’s a look back at a handful of stories that made the biggest impression on our readers.


How the Death Flip Became a Modern Classic

Death Flip Modern Classic Cocktail Recipe

The brash combination of Chartreuse, Jägermeister, tequila and a whole egg is the only flip to enter the contemporary cocktail canon.

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How the Tommy's Margarita Became a Modern Classic

Tommy's Margarita

Julio Bermejo’s revision of the classic, now served from Indonesia to Ireland, has become the industry’s Margarita of record.

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All the Ways to Paloma

Paloma Recipe

The tequila-grapefruit highball is infinitely permutable and always a good call.

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Make the Spanish G&T Your Own

Spanish Style Gin and Tonic Recipe

The distinctive gintónica has embedded itself stateside as a voluminous, highly customizable show drink.

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Turn Your Bourbon Tiki

Macadamia Nut Chi Chi Tiki Cocktail Recipe

The canon of tropical classics has reserved a few spots for gin, brandy, vodka and more. Here are six drinks that showcase the non-rum side of tiki.

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The Negroni Has a Secret

Negroni Cocktail

Before it became a global symbol of sophistication, it was a lowbrow Tuscan club drink served tall.

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Make Your Espresso Martini Extra Modern

Espresso Martini Recipe

The fanatically popular modern classic has spawned enough riffs to give the Negroni a run for its money. Here are six of our favorites.

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How the Breakfast Martini Became a Modern Classic

Salvatore Calabrese’s ingenious jam-infused sour reintroduced preserves to the bartender’s arsenal.

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Bring Back the Chauncey

Chauncey Cocktail Recipe

Frank Caiafa makes a case for the hard-hitting, equal-parts combo of whiskey, gin, brandy and sweet vermouth.

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A Shot and a Dare

Dare Shots Baileys

The life and times of the Cement Mixer, New Jersey Turnpike and other canonical rite-of-passage dare shots.

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Eulogy for the Tiny Clothespin

The short, wondrous career of the diminutive cocktail accessory has come to an end.

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Who Orders a Vesper, Anyway?

Vesper Martini Recipe

James Bond’s fabricated Martini of choice is either “a damn fine drink” or “the Kenneth Cole of cocktails.” You decide.

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So Everything is "Crushable" Now?

How a vaguely violent word co-opted from bro culture became a catchall for carefree drinking.

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The Dive Bar Would Rather Save Us

Dive Bars

We assumed it was up to us to rescue a dying breed of bar. Turns out, it might be the other way around.

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Cocktail Culture Has a Nostalgia Problem

Cocktail Nostalgia

Fetishizing one brief period of history narrows the lens on an entire movement. What happens when we look beyond the gospel of Jerry Thomas?

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