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The Best of Old-Fashioned Week 2021

October 25, 2021

Story: Punch Staff

photo: Shawn Campbell

The stories, recipes and trivia that defined Elijah Craig Bourbon's 2021 celebration of the iconic whiskey classic.

The original cocktail is as adaptable and enduring as the community that created it. This fall, Elijah Craig Bourbon’s Old-Fashioned Week united bartenders in their efforts to rebuild, culminating in a $100,000 donation to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation—an action and advocacy nonprofit dedicated to bettering the lives of restaurant workers nationwide.⁠

To celebrate the iconic cocktail, we asked four bartenders—Natasha Bermudez, Glendon Hartley, Alex Jump and Alex Negranza—to share their personal takes on the template, complete with recipes. We also took a deep dive into the history and lore of bourbon-based classic with our interactive trivia series. Take a tour of the highlights from this year’s Elijah Craig Bourbon Old-Fashioned Week.

Natasha Bermudez Old Fashioned

For Natasha Bermudez, the Old-Fashioned Belongs With Food

The Llama San head bartender believes that the classic cocktail can be adapted to complement just about any dish.

Glendon Hartley Old-Fashioned

For Glendon Hartley, the Old-Fashioned Is Personal

The Service Bar co-owner thinks that all the ingredients you choose to use say something about who you are.

Alex Jump Old-Fashioned

For Alex Jump, the Old-Fashioned Can Be Playful

The Death & Co Denver head bartender takes a light-hearted approach to the most serious drink of them all.

Alex Negranza Old-Fashioned Drink Beauty Process

For Alex Negranza, the Old-Fashioned Invites Curiosity

In the classic template, the bar manager at MARCH sees a limitless format to entice all types of drinkers.

Let the Old-Fashioned Define You

Let the Old-Fashioned Define You

In celebration of Old-Fashioned Week, four bartenders share how they put their personal stamp on the classic using Elijah Craig Bourbon.


Test Your Old-Fashioned IQ

How much do you really know about the whiskey classic?

Elijah Craig Announcement Thumb

Old-Fashioned Week Is Back for Another Round

Elijah Craig Bourbon’s annual event returns for its second year supporting the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. Here’s how you can get involved.