The Bright Side: Five Winter Citrus Cocktails

After a couple of months, winter produce can get pretty bleak. And then, citrus—the savior that makes spring feel not so far away. Here are five winter citrus cocktails to help you forget all about root vegetables.

Lefty's Fizz: Smoke and citrus in one glass. [Recipe]

Paloma: Mexico's tequila Collins. [Recipe]

Danger Zone: The adult version of a creamsicle. [Recipe]

It's So Easy: A clementine cobbler. [Recipe]

Pompelmo Sour: A rich grapefruit fizz. [Recipe]

Beets. Rutabaga. Turnips. Potatoes. Winter produce can be downright depressing. But come January, the vibrant rinds of clementines, blood oranges, ruby red grapefruits and Meyer lemons dot the first few aisles of the grocery store and, for a few moments, make spring feel not so far away.

From the smoky-sour Lefty’s Fizz from San Francisco’s ABV to the classic grapefruit-packed Paloma to the creamsicle dream of OTB‘s Danger Zone to Estela‘s fluffy Pompelmo Sour and Aaron Polsky’s clementine cobbler (the It’s So Easy), here are five cocktails that are all about winter’s sweet and sour bounty.