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The Road to France Starts Here

September 08, 2019

Story: Punch Staff

photo: Eugene Lee

Meet the 8 finalists for Rémy Martin’s Equal Parts National Cocktail Competition.

This summer, Rémy Martin challenged bartenders across the country to reimagine the Cognac cocktail in the Equal Parts National Cocktail Competition. Drawing on their skills, creativity and sense of storytelling, America’s top bar talent submitted recipes inspired by Rémy’s storied history, terroir and unique flavor profile.

To narrow the field, a special committee of judges traveled from New York to Chicago, Los Angeles to Austin to seek the to advance to the national finals. They judged competitors not only on what it takes to create a standout Cognac cocktail, but to also tell the inspired story behind it.

Step behind the scenes to see highlights from the regional semi-finals:

Competition was fierce—from the field of competitors in each city, only eight bartenders will be advancing to compete in the national finals in New York. There, they’ll go head to head to see which bartender has what it takes to be crowned the Equal Parts U.S. national champion.

Meet the Regional Semi-Finalists

Nigal Vann
City: Chicago
Cocktail:  The Road to Success
Rémy Martin 1738, vanilla-infused Italian vermouth, blood orange, blended Scotch, raspberry, passionfruit

Lance Bowman
City: Chicago
Cocktail: Centaurs & Opulence
Rémy Martin XO, oloroso sherry, smoked Earl Grey tea, orange oleo saccharum, black truffle maple syrup, fermented honey, bergamot, mole bitters

Dannika Underhill
City: Los Angeles
Cocktail: 20 Rue
Toasted almond-infused Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac, verjus, vin de pêche, Seville orange bitters, smoked sea salt, sparkling rosé, Cointreau “cloud”

Stephen Kurpinsky
City: Los Angeles
Cocktail: Ugni Cobbler
Rémy Martin 1738, amontillado sherry, citrus sherbet, lemon, saline, cacao bitters

Devin Kennedy
City: New York
Cocktail: Metropolis
Rémy Martin 1738, cream sherry, sweet vermouth, pear brandy, demerara, Angostura, mole bitters, lemon oil

Michael Cory Arêdes
City: New York
Cocktail: Rooftop Homebody
Rémy Martin 1738, applejack, peach and white sage shrub, lemon, charred vanilla bean syrup, egg white, Mexican cinnamon, strawberry

Makeda Gebre
City: Austin
Cocktail: Love In The Light
Rémy Martin VSOP, banana liqueur, Batavia-Arrack van Oosten, lemon, rosemary, serrano, egg white, rose petals

Kelsey Caudebec
City: Austin
Cocktail: The Arborist
Rémy Martin VSOP, crème de pêche, Amaro Nonino, crème de cacao, Angostura, acid phosphate, chamomile

Stay tuned for bartender who will be crowned the National Champion.

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