Watch a NYC Firefighter Make a Spritz

Welcome to "People Making Drinks," a PUNCH original video series wherein real humans show you how to make cocktails. This week: Oliver Fetter, NYC firefighter.

Most people call on the fire department when they need to put out a fire. But PUNCH calls on the fine men and women of the New York City Fire Department when we want to start one. In the fourth installment (check out the others—including a bodybuilder and a drag queen and a geisha) of “People Making Drinks” a real life firefighter builds an Aperol Spritz, flaming orange peel included.

The Aperol Spritz is one of Italy’s most classic aperitivi, and is based upon the bittersweet, sunset-colored ingredient from Padua. Prosecco and soda water provide the effervescent body to this afternoon cooler, which has recently found footing outside of Italy as the godmother of the rapidly growing spritz category.

Tune back in next week to watch a United States army officer make a Negroni. But for now, observe the precision in this man’s spritz game.