(n.) This boldly-flavored spirit is flavored with a distinct mix of herbs and botanicals, most often anise, fennel and More

Absinthe Fountain

This theatrical accessory used to dispense ice cold water can be used in the traditional preparation of absinthe along with More

Absinthe Spoon

(n.) Used in the ritual of preparing absinthe, this perforated spoon sits atop a glass of absinthe to hold More


(n.) An abbreviation for “alcohol by volume.” In the United States, producers are required to list the ABV of More


(n.) A Peruvian pisco made from several varieties of grape, as opposed to the “puro” style, which is made More


(n.) A Dutch liqueur made from brandy, sugar and eggs. This shelf-stable eggnog-like product is typically thick like pudding, More


(n.) A cactus-like perennial plant native to the American Southwest and Mexico that yields a starchy heart (the piña) More

Agave Nectar

(n.) A sweetener made from the agave plant. To make agave nectar, juice is extracted from the ripe heart More


A quantifiable amount of time between a product’s creation and either its on-sale date or consumption. For spirits, age More


(n.) A generic term for a spirit distilled from a fermented fruit base or sugarcane that is defined differently More


(n.) Alcohol meant for consumption is known more scientifically as ethyl alcohol or ethanol, made as a byproduct from More


(n.) A set number of bottles that a winery or distributor will release to a restaurant, consumer or store; More


(n.) This almond-flavored liqueur is distilled from apricot pits or almonds. The name is thought to be the diminutive More


(n.) A type of bitter Italian liqueur typically consumed as an apéritif or digestif. Part of the potable bitter More

Amber Ale

(n.) Less a distinct style of beer than a description of its color, an amber ale is typically deep More

Angel’s Share

(n.) The small amount of spirit or wine that evaporates while the liquid is aging in barrels.

Aperitif (Aperitivo)

(n.) An umbrella of a drink category relating to the time of consumption rather than a specific drink, an More


(n.) A geographic boundary wherein certain winemaking and grape-growing rules must be followed in order for the wine to More


(n.) Similar in structure to gin, this Scandinavian spirit is distilled from grains or potatoes, and flavored with caraway More


(n.) A piece of bartending equipment that allows liquids to be sprayed in a fine mist. Most often thought More