(n.) A secondary order meant to complement the first at a bar served in a separate glass. (e.g. “I More


(n.) The area behind the bar with shelves for storing glassware, equipment or extra bottles of liquor.

Bar Spoon

(n.) A bartending tool; usually a long, thin-handled spoon used for stirring, mixing, and layering drinks. A good spoon More


(n.) A high-proof alcohol infused with herbs, roots and spices. Invented as a medicinal tonic, they were originally meant More


(v.) A cocktail-making technique that involves mixing the ingredients of a cocktail with ice in an electronic blender; the More

Bottled in Bond

(phrase) A legal term referring to American spirits (usually whiskey) that have been processed according to regulation of the More

Bourbon Whiskey

(n.) This American subset of whiskey is made from distilling a fermented mash of at least 51-percent corn and More


(n.) Brandy is a spirit distilled from fermented fruit juice or fruits. Though most commonly associated with the French More

Buck (Mule)

(n.) Falling under the umbrella of Coolers, this family of drinks distinguishes itself by the addition of ginger ale More

Build in Glass

(phrase) A cocktail-making technique where the unmixed ingredients are poured directly into the serving glass. A cocktail stirrer or More