(n.): A sweetened syrup or liqueur made from lime zest, cloves, sugar, ginger and almonds that most likely originated More


(n.) This measurement of liquid equals one-fifth of a gallon. In the United States, where Imperial measurements are used More


(n.) This measurement of liquid is determined by finger width against a glass. (e.g. “I’d like two fingers of More


(n.) Essentially a sour made tall by adding soda water, the fizz category emerged in the late-19th century in More


(n.) While egg whites might show up in sours or fizzes, any drink with a whole egg could be More


(v.) A bartending skill used to layer cocktail ingredients in the glass, as seen in drinks such as the More

Fortified Wine

(n.) Wine that has a distilled spirit added. This loosely-knit family of wines encompasses a wide range of styles. More

Free Pour

(v.) A bartending skill in which the act of portioning a cocktail’s ingredients is done by pouring spirits straight More