(n.) References to sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice, date back over a thousand years. The production More

Scotch Whisky

(n.) Scotch, a type of Scottish whisky made from malted barley, must be distilled below 190 proof and aged More


(v.) A cocktail-making technique in which the ingredients are rapidly shaken by hand in a shaker before being strained More


(n.) a cocktail-making tool used to shake ingredients for a cocktail. This tool to shake ingredients for a cocktail comes More


(n.) A fortified wine of 15 to 22-percent alcohol by volume made in the Jerez region of southern Spain, More


(n.) A diminutive mixed drink comprised of one to two ounces of liquid generally served in a shot or More

Shot Glass

(n.) A small glass used to serve shots and shooters, usually made from glass with a thick base and More


1. (n.) A vinegar-based syrup used as a mixer. From the Arabic word sharab, meaning “to drink,” these acidic More


(n.) A precursor to the original “cock-tail” (the Old Fashioned), the slings of the 18th century were nearly interchangeable More

Sloe Gin

(n.): Not a true gin, but a tart-sweet liqueur flavored with black thorn sloe berries (a relative to the More


A julep in miniature, a smash is a mix of a base spirit, sugar and water, served over crushed More


A direct descendant of punch, the basic sour forms the template for a host of modern drinks. First mentions More


(n.) A measurement used to indicate a small imprecise amount of liquid slightly larger than a dash that is More


(n.): A chilled cocktail made from white wine and seltzer or club soda, usually poured in a ratio of More

Straight Up

(phrase) This ambiguous drink order requests that either a spirit be served neat (without ice) or a cocktail be More


(n.) This bartending tool, usually made of metal, is used to strain a chilled cocktail into the service glass More

Swizzle Stick

1. (n.) A bartending tool used to make swizzle drinks, this thin wand comes with short, skewed prongs on More


(n.) Commonly used in 19th-century cocktails in the United States, these sugar-sweetened solutions provide a viscosity as well as More