El Amargo

El Amargo is an Argentine riff on the Old-Fashioned from Ocho7Ocho head bartender Javier Sosa.

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Crystal Visions

This wine-based nightcap by Lauren Corriveau at Nitecap combines Salers, fennel liqueur and St-Germain.


Big Spender

Dale DeGroff's tequila-based Big Spender appropriately calls for an extravagant rosé Champagne topper.


The Saturn

The Saturn is an essential gin-based entry into the classic tiki canon. This version was adapted by Garret Richard for Slowly Shirley’s Exotica.


Elective Amnesia

A combination of rye, PX sherry and Brovo Amaro #14, this drink gets a fragrant lift from ras el hanout bitters.