Evan and Oliver Haslegrave | hOmE NYC

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Evan and Oliver Haslegrave are redefining the Brooklyn bar and its influence abroad. Living and working in New York’s cool-kid borough, Williamsburg, the Haslegrave brothers of hOmE, an interior design firm, have become well known for weaving together a certain aesthetic that has proven to be more substantial than the “hipster” innuendos often associated with Williamsburg’s tschotske-filled saloons. Beginning with what they call “the engine” of a place—often the bar itself—the pair builds an efficient and elegant space around it, always keeping beauty in balance with functionality. (To them, a thoughtfully-placed ice well is just as important as flattering lighting.) After building ten bars and restaurants, three retail stores, a distillery and their very own watering hole, Alameda, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the Haslegraves have officially entered into the lexicon of New York style, and their reach is expanding