D&T Drive In Houston beer bar

D&T Drive Inn

Semi-outdoor beer joints converted from ice-purveying convenience stores, Houston’s icehouses once defined the city’s drinking culture. In many ways, they still do, though their numbers are dwindling. D&T is doing…

Down House Houston restaurant bars

Down House

Down House is one of those wonderful places that wears many hats, and wears them well. From mid-morning coffee to family dinner to a first date, Down House's simple but…

lei low tiki bar houston

Lei Low

Houston’s first total immersion tiki bar of the modern era, Lei Low is a beautiful example of how something so silly can be treated so seriously, to such delightful effect. The…

Julep Houston cocktail bar


Stepping into Julep is like stepping out onto a back porch. The place feels made of lace and sunshine, practically oozing Southern charm. The latest in Bobby Heugel’s Clumsy Butcher…

Shiloh Club Houston dive bar

Shiloh Club

The Shiloh Club is no passing fancy. This is a place for dedicated drinkers, many who have been at their task and in their stools for longer than you’ve been…