comstock saloon cocktail bar san francisco

Comstock Saloon

Comstock Saloon sits on some old foundations; it was formerly a real Western saloon, and one that still includes the pisser trough from a different century. Maybe more notably, though,…

tosca cafe san francisco

Tosca Cafe

Tosca's House "Cappuccino," an armagnac and bourbon-spiked chocolate milk, has been going strong since 1919. A requisite for regulars and tourists alike, the drink is made beneath the hulking metal coffee…

vesuvio cafe san francisco historic bar

Vesuvio Cafe

Opened in 1948, Vesuvio was the regular haunt of literary luminaries like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and hometown hero Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Its prestigious clientele and popular neighbor, City Lights Bookstore,…

Savoy Tivoli sign and lights

The Savoy Tivoli

Established in 1907, The Savoy has long prided itself being a cross-section of society: “A favorite of Hippies and Beats, Punks and Preps, Ladies and Gents.” The sprawling, Grant Street…

tony nik's cafe san francisco bar

Tony Nik’s

It’s all about the midcentury glam at Tony Nik’s, a well-appointed North Beach lounge that would make the Rat Pack feel right at home. The bar opened in 1933, immediately…

little vine wine cheese shop san francisco

Little Vine

Little Vine is the kind of provisions shop every neighborhood covets. Stocked, European-style, with cheese, chocolate, charcuterie and—most importantly—wine, the tiny place operates as the essential corner store for last-minute…

15 romolo bar san francisco

15 Romolo

Housed in a building that's played host to some of San Francisco's seediest and most colorful characters (it was once a brothel, and then a boarding house called the Basque…