Deck 5 Berlin hidden bar

Deck 5

It seems like such an obvious idea: take the top deck of a multi-story car park attached to a bland shopping centre on the northern fringe of Prenzlauer Berg and…

Herman Belgian Bar Berlin beer

Herman Belgian Bar

For a country of limited geographical size, Belgium produces a bewildering amount of great beer. If your love of Belgian brews goes beyond the occasional Leffe or Duvel, Herman Belgian…

Becketts Kopf Berlin cocktail bar

Becketts Kopf

The name means "Beckett’s Head"—as in Samuel Beckett—and you’ll have to look for his iconic face if you want to locate the entrance to this intimate cocktail bar in Prenzlauer…

Le Croco Bleu Berlin cocktail bar

Le Croco Bleu

While many of Berlin’s cocktail bars look to the first half of the 20th century for inspiration, Le Croco Bleu—located in the newly redeveloped Bötzow brewery complex in Prenzlauer Berg…