rumba seattle cocktail bar


When the weather gets drizzly and the mist rolls in, Rumba is Seattle's rum-filled remedy. The dark wood interior—which is meant to evoke mid-century Havana—is punctuated with bright turquoise bar…

zig zag cocktail bar seattle

Zig Zag Café

Years from now, Zig Zag will be remembered for famed bartender Murray Stenson's tenure here. But following his departure, Erik Hakkinen and Benjamin Perri have picked up where he left off,…

tavern law cocktail bar seattle

Tavern Law / Needle & Thread

One of the many byproducts of  America's obsession with Prohibition-inspired cocktail bars, Tavern Law's faux-speakeasy aesthetic is complete with tufted leather couches, chandeliers and many strong cocktails. Whiskey, Fernet Branca and…

essex bar seattle


Bartender Brandon Pettit has long been experimenting with creating his own small-batch shrubs, bitters, ginger beer and liqueurs at Delancey—the popular pizzeria he runs with his wife, writer Molly Wizenberg—but when the vintage…

rob roy seattle cocktail bar

Rob Roy

It's not just the free Goldfish crackers on the bar at Happy Hour that keep the crowds coming back to Anu Apte's Rob Roy—it's the entire vibe of this bewitching Belltown…

palace kitchen seattle

Palace Kitchen

The neon sign at the Palace Kitchen, forever blinking "Cocktails" under the shadow of the passing Monorail, calls out like a beacon as powerful as the green light on Daisy…

libert cocktail bar seattle


Tucked away on Capitol Hill, Liberty remains an industry favorite since opening in 2006 (and they haven't closed a single day since they opened their doors). Equal parts coffee bar,…

canon seattle


With the launch of his award-winning bar Canon, Jamie Boudreau set a new standard of service in Seattle's already thriving cocktail scene. Once you've secured a seat at the Angostura…

barnacle seattle


Looking at a two-hour wait for a seat at the oyster bar at The Walrus and the Carpenter next door? No worries. In the narrow annex just a few steps…