Burro e Salvia

Pound for pound, Shoreditch pastificio Burro e Salvia might just have the best wine list of any Italian restaurant in town. Each day, in plain view, the sfoglie roll out,…

The Royal Oak London gastropub

The Royal Oak

At The Royal Oak on East London’s Columbia Road, British pub food is tweaked to embrace global flavors in snacks like merguez Scotch eggs and pig’s cheeks with Alsatian bacon,…

NOLA London cocktails


A love letter to the city that gave us the Sazerac, Dan Priseman’s NOLA is a pocket of Southern hospitality in Shoreditch. Located above Rivington Street’s Bedroom Bar, it’s not…

Lounge Bohemia London cocktails

Lounge Bohemia

Lounge Bohemia can be visited by appointment only with—ironically—a strict no-suit, no-office-wear policy. The unmarked door is like a porthole into 1970s Czechoslovakia with antique furniture from top hat-wearing owner…