50% of Americans Have Gone to Work Hungover

Look around at your coworkers right now. According to Mashable, there is a pretty good chance that some of them—or you—are hungover. Blowfish, a company that makes “tablets for treating hangovers,” conducted a study revealing that 50% of Americans over the age of 21 have attended work hungover. No judgments. We’ve been there too.

The most frequently hungover employees include restaurant servers, realtors, salespeople, police officers and chefs. Residents of Washington D.C. “complain the most about having hangovers,” while Michiganders and West Virginians “have skipped work all together because of hangovers.”

Unsurprisingly, Blowfish found that hangovers can influence productivity. More than half of those with a headache (28%) have been late to work due to a hangover, while 7% have screwed up assignments. 

If you can’t say no to a good night out, set two alarms and stock up on the Advil, seltzer water and bitters for the morning after. [Mashable] [Photo: Flickr/whatleydude]

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