A Ladies-Only List of the Cocktail World’s Finest

Caitlin Laman Eat Drink SF

In anticipation ofFood & Wine‘s cocktail guide, the magazine’s Chelsea Morse highlights ten up-and-coming female bartenders who’re adding their own twist to the genre. In a city near you stands a woman behind a bar, who’s changing the way that cocktails are made.

Starting in New York City at The Happiest Hour, Mayahuel and The Dead Rabbit is Karen Fu (who’d worked with Jim Meehan at PDT), Shannon Ponche (whose cocktails play on savory and spicy elements), and Pamela Wiznitzer (whose magnetic personality is the cherry atop her genius).

Just a train ride away is Sara Justice for The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. in Philadelphia, who is known for the “sense of place” in her drinks, incorporating tastes from local markets to add complexity to her creations. Further south, at Houston’s Julep, Alba Huerta (also of Anvil & Refuge and The Pastry War) brings the science of mixology to the fore. Caitlin Laman (pictured), Miss Speed Rack USA 2014, can be found at Trick Dog in San Francisco. Representing L.A. is Karen Grill (Sassafras) and Tina Ross (Harvard & Stone). Both Grill and Ross are known for their constantly evolving cocktail menus and unique flavor combinations. Last but not least, at Noble Experiment in San Diego, Meghan Eastman is known to give patrons impromptu mixology lessons behind the bar. Head over to Food & Wine for the full list. [Food & Wine] [Image: Flickr/Eat Drink SF]