A Second Wave of Chinese Wineries Is Emerging

China Steep

Tony Perrottet for The Wall Street Journal takes an in-depth look at China’s growing supply and demand for artisanal delicacies, and that of wine in particular, despite the long-standing stereotypes that have plagued the “Made in China” label. Smaller wineries are countering the gigantic industrial models of first-wave Chinese wineries like Château Changyu AFIP, which Perrottet describes as “a conglomerate whose scale can only send a shudder down the spine of the average oenophile.” But a nouveau riche of worldly Chinese, as well as middle-class consumers, are drinking wines from all over the world, and the ambitions of China’s new wineries are rising to the occasion, drawing inspiration from Old and New World producers with more artisan leanings. Many hope the growing community of new wave producers marks a turning point for China and a renewed interest in more ecological practices that could help shift the perception of consumers.  [Wall Street Journal] [Image: Flickr/Christian Ortiz]