A Treasure Trove of Weird Wine Videos

VICE’s new food column, Hot Links gives “the neglected culinary stars of YouTube” their due attention with eight weird wine videos. Each of these disorienting home shoots which “capture very odd people discussing wine in a variety of jarring approaches,” is accompanied by writer Dan Meyer’s hilarious assessment of the situation. For example, a jersey-clad tailgater finds a jug of Carlo Rossi in a parking lot, which—to the dismay of his heckling friends—he does not chug. In another, viewers get a perspective into one bored couple’s wine routine, “What happens when real moms and dads drink wine…” Meyer assesses it’s what takes place in those depressing corners of suburban existence. Either way, these gems have already been overlooked for too long. Don’t neglect them today. [VICE]

Wine Time from Fadra Nally on YouTube.

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