An Australian Brewery Is Making Beer Out of Carrots

carrots beer

A brewery in Ipswich, Australia has devised a whole new way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet: a beer made with carrots. As reported by Mashable, 4Hearts Brewing Company is brewing its Wabbit Season using a wort that’s 16 percent carrot juice, all made from carrots grown by a local farmer.

Carrot as a flavor in the beer world isn’t entirely new: Michigan’s Short’s Brewery once tested out carrot cake flavors, and Dogfish Head came out with a “Wild Carrot Seed Ale”  that incorporated flavors from Queen Anee’s Lace, a distant cousin of what we know today as the carrot. But Wabbit Season seems to be the first craft beer being produced at a larger scale using actual fermented carrots and whose goal is to have a drinkable, carrot-flavored alcoholic beverage.

Despite the rise in more obscure and fruit-flavored beers in recent years, beers with vegetable notes or bases remain relatively unexplored. This could be attributed to vegetables’ lower sugar content, which is a key factor in creating a wort and an important part of the beer-making process.

So far, 4Harts has released 1,200 liters of Wabbit Season, which are only currently available at bars in northern Australia and at the 4Harts Brewery.[Mashable][Photo: Flickr/swong95765]