Anjou Winemaker Olivier Cousin Prosecuted for Incorrect Labeling

Olivier Cousin, a biodynamic winemaker in the Anjou appleation of France is facing a 5,000 euro fine for labeling wine outside of A.O.C. regulations. After choosing not to bottle under the appellation’s guidelines, Cousin has “produced his wines within the vin de table category (now vin de France), but continued to use the word Anjou on his labels,” according to Wine-Searcher.

Though only 2,802 bottles carry the incorrect distinction, the appellation and theĀ Institut National des Appellations d’Origine are pursuing the case, arguing that Cousin has taken advantage of the A.O.C.’s name for his business’s own benefit. Cousin argues that Anjou’s latest rules haveĀ “led to a reduction in quality of the wine and the pollution of the environment.” Petitions and support have sprung up around his cause, but the outcome still hangs in the balance. The court’s decision is pending until June 7th. [Wine-Searcher]