Apps for Buying Wine Are Flourishing More Than Ever

apps used to buy wine Hello Vino

According to Forbes, Hello Vino developer Rick Breslin and Megan French of Lotus Growth, an independent consulting company, have come together to produce a new report called “The Influence of Mobile Apps on Wine Purchases.”

Hello Vino is an app that recommends wines to its users for any occasion or food pairing. According to their report, since most wine purchases today are made in retail or restaurant/bar environments, the key for the app lies in “insert[ing] wine brands into consumers’ consideration sets when making purchase decisions.” As noted by Forbes, another important part of the process (and ultimate success) for these types of apps is in that “sweet spot” found between first reading a recommendation and ultimately providing feedback once the purchase has been made and enjoyed.

An impressive 88.3 percent of users who do take the app’s recommendations will make future purchases from the same winery or brand within the next six months. And what may be most important to the winemakers: 86.7 percent of consumers will recommend purchased brands or wineries to friends.

A reported average of 2.4 bottles of wine for each of the two million plus users of the Hello Vino app is a lot of vino. [Forbes][Photo: Flickr/tompagenet]