Are People Abusing Apps That Calculate Blood Alcohol Level?


A law firm in Sacramento, CA, recently released a drinking and driving app called “BuzzBee” that is now raising eyebrows. According to Fox40 News, the app attempts to calculate the blood alcohol content of those who have been drinking by factoring together sex, weight and the number of drinks consumed over what amount of time. Some are now saying the app poses a risk of intoxicated people thinking they are OK to get behind the wheel because there’s no real way for the app to provide an accurate reading of blood alcohol levels.

John Gonzales of the Tower Legal Group that released the app says the intention behind it is largely educational, and they don’t intend for people to use it as an accurate tool or excuse to drink and drive: “It’s a great tool to have mainly for educational purposes. I don’t think many people know how many drinks it takes you to get to a certain level … The reality is if you’re putting that information into it, it will tell you you’re not okay to drive … we’re not alerting people to try and get away with it.” The app also contains additional features that show a DUI checkpoint schedule and allow users to record their encounters with police.

Aaron Wade, who works as a law enforcement liaison with Mothers Against Drunk Driving believes people are using the app not as an educational tool, but as an excuse to drive drunk. Other critics of the app also maintain that BuzzBee only helps drinkers push their limits and find excuses to get behind the wheel after drinking, even if they aren’t over the legal limit. [Fox40 News][Photo: Flickr/Sam Howzit]