At This Company, Interns Double as Bartenders

More often than not, interns are responsible for making copies, going on coffee runs and trolling the internet until someone says “go for.” But at Bespoke Post, a mailing subscription company, they’re in charge of making cocktails reports Fast Company.

Bespoke’s interns are simply following a tradition that began in the summer of 2013. At the time, in an effort to make the younger employees feel more at home in the office, senior officers encouraged them come up with a cocktail to share with the group. The idea was such a hit (obviously), the company has continued the ritual. Now, in addition to dispatching boxes of gadgets, grooming and menswear products to Bespoke’s subscribers, the neophytes meticulously craft cocktails from ingredients like custom-infused liquors.

The learning curve gets more complex every season. While at first, simple mixtures of Don Julio, soda and lime were protocol, the most recent effort contained lapsang souchong-infused bourbon mixed with cinnamon, maple syrup, lemon and orange zest. At PUNCH, that kind of initiative would deserve a promotion. [Fast Company] [Photo: Flickr/Gabriel Amadeus]