Baby Carrier Flask Makes Public Drinking Easier Than Ever

cool baby flask kickstater

The world of crowd-funding has finally topped itself with a Kickstarter for The Cool Baby—a fake baby that doubles as a stealthy drinking device which can be strapped on your chest like a normal human baby. According to CNET, The Cool Baby is the brainchild of former stand-up comedian Sam Philion.

The semi-realistic looking baby contains a hatch on its bottom which opens up to the body cavity where the plastic 36-ounce flask rests. A giant straw goes up through the baby’s head, which has to be removed each time you re-fill the flask, to a mouthpiece resting atop the baby’s noggin. Each time you take a drink, it almost looks like you’re merely giving kisses to the beloved baby strapped to your chest.

Pledging $30 to the Kickstarter gives you a chance of owning your own Cool Baby. However, with only seven days left the project has only $11, 579 of its $70,000 raised. If successful, Philion has said that he’s open to organizing a “faux-baby-wearing cross-country bar crawl.”  [CNET][Photo: Kickstater/CoolBaby]