Bangkok Bars Are Going High-Tech with Sous Vide Cocktails

Bangkok cityscape

Bangkok’s nightlife reputation is growing beyond skybars with breathtaking views and becoming increasingly known for boundary pushing cocktails, some of which are borrowing a high-minded technique from the kitchen—sous vide. Taking the technology of sealing ingredients into a plastic bag and dipping it into a swirling water bath to cook at a low temperature for hours, bartenders are producing drinks from a whole new angle.

And though it may sound like a strange technique—and a major departure from the usual shake-stir-strain method of blending ingredients—Munchies notes that it yields consistently perfect results and preserves pure flavors.

Joseph Boroski, Bangkok-based bartender and educator, explains that when a spirit is sealed with additional ingredients such as fruits and herbs, it can “nicely bind flavors and aromas to spirits,” not unlike the idea of simple bottle infusion.

At Sugar Ray, an elusive, candlelit bar situated in a dark alley, the Martinez is translated to sous vide with a mix of raspberries, vanilla, orange and sweet vermouth that is cooked overnight and then added to gin, maraschino liqueur and lime bitters to make the “Framboise Martinez.” Just one more reason to book tickets to Bangkok. [Munchies] [Photo:]