Before Beer and Wine, Ancients Drank Hybrid Booze

Studies of residue on ancient pottery shards by archaeologists at the University of Pennsylvania have inspired Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery to recreate “defunct potables…based on archeological finds in China, Honduras, Peru, Egypt, Italy, and now Scandinavia.” The ancient beverages share one thing in common: they are all mash-ups by contemporary standards of alcohol production and include at least two different sources of sugar. Before drinks got “siloed into restrictive categories—mead from honey, wine from grapes, beer from grain,” people made and consumed hybrid beverages. Dogfish Head is turning the clock back with its experimental Ancient Ales, the last of which, called Kvasir, was a remake of Nordic grog that included a mix of, “beer, fruit wine, and mead, flavored with (among other ingredients) yarrow, lingonberries, cranberries, bog myrtle, and birch syrup.” [The Atlantic]