Bordeaux Producer Pontet-Canet’s Second Label Declassified

pontet-canet lead

In a rather shocking declassification, it has just been announced that longstanding Bordeaux’s Chateau Pontet-Canet will not be selling its 2012 Les Hauts de Pontet under the AOC of Pauillac. According to Decanter, the tasting jury has determined that the wine does not represent, or taste like, wines associated with Pauillac. The panel tasted an “excès d’acidité volatile” (excessive volatile acids).

Les Hauts de Pontat labels will now read, “Vin de France,” and while a “common” classification is unlikely to affect its sales overseas, its receipt in the homeland is another issue. Yet owner Alfred Tesseron is, reportedly, “unmoved by the ruling.” He believes it’s the vineyard, and not the AOC, that attracts his clientele. [Decanter] [Image: Flickr/NickDawson]