Bourbon Barrel Blue Jeans and Marshmallows Signify Peak Barrel-Aging

bourbon barrel

You know you’ve hit peak barrel-aging when everything from marshmallows to maple syrup to cocktails get dumped into charred wood for a distinctive bourbon-flavored edge.

The Daily Beast reports on the least intuitive barrel-aged products including those caramel-tinged marshmallows and the only slightly absurd “barrel-aged blue jean.” Last year, high-end blue jeans company Noble Denim teamed up with Bulleit Bourbon to age fifty pairs of over-dyed raw denim jeans in five-to-seven-year-old bourbon barrels in order to see what kind of effect the bourbon would have on the color. (Flavor is yet to be determined.)

When it comes to Indiana-based Best Boy’s bourbon-barrel aged mustard The Daily Beast compares it to “dunking your hot dog in a glass of Maker’s Mark.” Does that mean putting on barrel-aged jeans is like soaking in a tub of warm bourbon? Check out the full range of bourbon-aged products here. [The Daily Beast] [Photo:]