Bourbon Is the New Cult California Cab

kentucky bourbon cabernet

Over at Eater, Levi Dalton muses over the similarities between today’s fetishized bourbons and yesterday’s cult California Cabernets. As he points out in a comprehensive list, each product began its market rise with limited quantities and allocated stock, as well as attracted similar audiences—aging men with money. More interestingly, both bourbon and California Cabs are eager to proclaim their American-ness with bold flavors and distinguish themselves (more affordably) in an international market as compared to overseas competitors including Scotch and Bordeaux, respectively.

While the Cab craze has begun to settle and its style transition toward subtlety, the desire for bourbon and its muscular constitution has not, so what does this mean for the future of the whiskey market? Dalton suspects a flood of competitors releasing top shelf bourbon “will have the eventual effect of diluting customer interest,” which seems entirely possible. We suspect Kentucky will become more protective of its domestic product perhaps looking toward legislation for labeling standards. We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for the already-limited rye whiskey category to creep out from under its brawny brother’s shadow (but keep that on the down low). Either way, it’s promising to see spirits and wine crossing over into one another’s territory, even if it is in regards to each being too damned expensive. [Eater] [Photo: Flickr/rick]