Breaking Bad-Themed Bar to Open in London


The same people who brought the world that owl-themed pop-up bar back in February are at it again—only this time it’s a pop-up bar based on the hit show Breaking Bad. The show, which follows a chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who decides to start making meth to support his family, has amassed a cult following over the years since its premiere in 2008.  The London Evening Standard now tells us the new bar, called ABQ after the show’s setting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be a place where guests can mix their own drinks in a converted RV.

Set to open this July in London, the bar will also feature gas masks, smoke and other equipment commonly used to make meth in the show. Bartenders will be present to help guests “cook” their drinks—because nothing says meth lab quite like expensive cocktails.

ABQ will be open for approximately three months, offering two hour sessions at £30 each, with room for about 20 people in the RV at a time. More details and exact location are yet to be announced, but those interested in buying tickets can sign up online to ensure not missing out on any ABQ news. [London Evening Standard][Photo: Flickr/Horia Varlan]