Bringing Complex, Science-y Cocktails Home

One of the major reasons we go out for drinks is that we want a glorious cocktail without participating in any of the steps that lead up to its enjoyment. But what about the novelty of bringing the fancy (and fussy) into your own home? The New York Times shares a few expert recipes for those days when you’ve got time to gather Thai basil, mushroom tincture and whipping up a batch of Steen’s molasses syrup. Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax offers the blended Italiano Stalliano, perhaps the most approachable recipe among the group, and Jamie Boudreau of Canon contributes a complex recipe for chocolate milk, which includes cognac, whisky and crème de cacao. These are complex drinks, but, as author Rosie Schaap points out, they’re not all that difficult with just a little planning. [New York Times]