Britain Judges Its Binge Drinking Women

A society is only as morally sound as its women. Or so Britain seems to think judging from its commentary on the way women drink. Two hundred years ago, gin was known as “Mother’s Ruin.” An op-ed in The Guardian brings to light the scale on which the country’s “brightest, young girls” are weighed ¬†according to their drinking habits asking, “But what about our brightest young boys? Are they so brilliant at controlling their alcohol intake?”

From neknominate scares to banning deep discount liquor, Great Britain has begun grappling with how to control its citizens’ binge drinking habits. Focusing on a recent exhibition that explores the country’s connection with alcohol, entitled This Bewitching Poison, the op-ed examines why Britain puts so much emphasis on women who indulge as opposed to the entire country, including men. It states, “Men may over-do things, but the moment that women do so, it becomes clear society has degenerated,” making clear it’s time to banish the double standard. [The Guardian] [Photo: Flickr/TheArches]