British Columbia in a Panic Over Campari Shortage

To the dismay of the Canadian Campari lovers, the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch confirms there is a major shortage of the aperitif, reports CBC News. Sorry, no Negronis left in Vancouver.

According to Shaun Layton of Vancouver’s L’Abbattoir bartenders are “scouring the city for stuff but there’s zero Campari anywhere…”  Rather than no longer making Campari-based cocktails, Layton is substituting Campari with similar liqueurs such as Cynar, but nothing is quite able to replicate the unique taste of Campari. But there’s hope in sight.

Massimo Mottura, the President of Gruppo Campari Canada says the shortage is a result of distribution issues and is confident that consumers will be able to purchase the apertif within a few weeks, with the first orders expected to arrive early next week. Until then, god help them all. [CBC News] [Photo:]